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David is a role model for creativity, self-discipline and determination. He is passionate about making the world a better place for future generations. What sets him apart is his laser-like focus on no-limit goals and his ability to lead others to greatness. He is a graduate of the Peak Performance Mindset training program and he has helped many executives become the best version of themselves.
Gerhard Gschwandtner
CEO - Selling Power, Inc
As a new sales representative, I was introduced to Dave Klotz by a mutual friend. My former coworker stated that I should have coffee with Dave and he might be able to “share some information that could get me headed in the right direction”. That might be the understatement of the year. I had hoped to get some ideas about prospecting and 15 minutes of his time. It became clear with the questions Dave asked, that he intended to give me not only his insights on sales, but his time, attention and focus to understand what I really wanted for myself. Dave clearly and concisely communicated that success is much more than just meeting your sales goals and is more attainable than most envision. That first meeting has turned into a weekly phone call that has benefited my professional and personal life. Dave’s introduction of visualizing success and giving gratitude for the people and opportunities in my life have not only helped me appreciate the present – but encourages me to foresee future success. Dave’s structured approach of setting morning goals, expressing gratitude and honing an anchor for physiological success has benefited me professionally and in my personal relationships. By incorporating a mindset that to meet the goals that you envision – you must “think, act and speak” as if you have already reached the goals – which has helped me move forward in a time when most of the world is frozen due to the Covide-19 pandemic. Successes during this mandated shutdown include constructing and opening a new business in 60 days, continuing to sell during a financial crisis, and most importantly - throw my daughter’s favorite birthday party ever in a time when no friends or family could be with her. Dave Klotz has become a trusted mentor and friend by selflessly sharing his vision and investing his time and energy into my future.