Comocean Shores at the Caprice, St Pete Beach, Florida

Thank you for visiting Comocean Shores!  One of the top 10 beaches in Florida, known for some of the best sunsets and just two miles away from the famous DonCesar hotel which you can see from your balcony  one of the most historic beachfront properties in the world. In addition to the many restaurants and bars within walking distance. 

The first of many unique, resort bungaows brought to you by the Comocean Properties, LLC, Comocean was established many years ago in VA Beach VA as a beachwear line, courted for acquisition by Tommy Bahama. The owner decided not to sell and held for years until the right time to bring it back to life, and this began the companies origin. We want to make your stay as delightful, relaxing, special and fun as anywhere you have stayed before. To do this, we want to hear from you! We want to listen to your needs, likes, displies and help craft the perfect reclusive bungalow of your dreams, even if your stay is short to get away from the noise of life. The founders have and will spend many years working hard to build you the perfect paradise. We understand traffic, noise and hard work but also understand relaxation, beauty and serenity.

We hope your stay with us, exceeds your  expectations. Feel free to email, call or send us a message on Facebook. 727.998.8000. If there is anything we can do or our management partners can do, please let us know immediately.

We hope you post your comments and phots on our Facebook or Instagram pages and recommend Comocean Dreams to friends and family. Our goal is simple…to exceed yours…for the getaway of your dreams, may it be 10 days or 5 days. Rejuvenate, escape and enjoy nature, ehat our creator intended us to experience. We hope you leave us refreshed, excited and relaxed. This is a busy world we live in, let’s us help you reflect and halt the noise for just a bit to feel amazing about YOU!

Enjoy your vacation – rest, relax and breath. The brightness of our beach, the relaxing palm trees and calm, gentle waves of the gulf – all for you!

Comocean Shores